About Us

For over 60 years, Modern Display Service, Incorporated has been providing quality products & services to thousands of satisfied clients.

Since our founding in 1940, Modern Display Service, Incorporated has been the leading provider of exposition and event related services and decorative products in the Intermountain West. Located in Salt Lake City, UT, Modern Display employs 150 fulltime employees and operates over 300,000 square feet of facilities. In recent years, Modern Display has begun to branch out and service clients nationally and internationally. Modern Display also operates a fleet of 40 vehicles and over 50 trailers. Additional services are provided using contract employees and sub-contractors.

about-usIn 1999 Modern Display Service, Incorporated was chosen as the exclusive and official Exposition and Special Event Service Provider for the United States Olympic Teams and the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City over other national and international service providers who applied for the position. This prestigious selection demonstrates the great abilities, performance, and reliability of this company. Modern Display provided all management for this monumental project from within its own staff, which had significant increases in skills and experience as a result of this experience. Additionally, Modern Display’s commercial service divisions have greatly increased their inventories and are equipped to service both world class and Olympic sized events successfully.

Modern Display is built around the principle of one stop shopping with complete satisfaction, and offers that ideal to every one of our clients. If we don’t have it, we’ll find it for you. And if we can’t find it, we’ll make it. From our downtown retail store to our commercial services, Modern Display backs up our products with a satisfaction guarantee. As always, Modern Display continues to offer exceptional services and grow to meet our clients’ needs.

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