Tree Warranty Registration

Every Christmas tree purchase at Modern Display includes a warranty. Information on how to register a Christmas tree warranty, as well as a list of helpful hints for tree upkeep, are included in the tree box. If you have this information, please follow the instructions laid out in the warranty packet to register your tree’s warranty. You’ll find the hints, tricks, and tips page here, please read this before continuing.

If you misplaced or never received the information on warranty registration for your new tree, please fill out the tree warranty registration form on this page. It is very important that you register your tree because if something happens that is covered by the warranty but you never registered then we will be unable to cover it under the warranty.

Registering your warranty helps us to know how to help you if problems ever arise with your tree, and helps keep us on the same page as our customers. If you have trouble registering your tree warranty or questions about what the warranty covers, please don’t hesitate to call us at (801)-355-7427. We want our customers to get the most out of their Modern Display trees, and have a friendly tree department staff waiting to help during business hours.

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