artificial christmas tree

6 Benefits of Artificial Trees

If you’re getting ready for the Christmas season, chances are you’re already planning on getting a tree. More and more people in recent years have opted for an artificial tree over the traditional living trees.

Artificial trees can have many advantages over live trees.

1. They are more customizable.

Because live trees are natural, they come in limited shades and shapes, leaving you with whatever options the lot has. Artificial trees come in many different colors, allowing you to decide which shade of green looks best in your home. Additionally, there are numerous styles to choose from, whether you want the bare “Charlie Brown” tree or a 24-foot-tall one.

2. They can match the wreath and the garland.

christmas tree decorBecause artificial trees are more customizable, they can be matched with a wreath and a garland. At most stores, they’re sold individually or as sets so you can easily mix and match or stick with one color scheme, giving your whole home a more cohesive look.

3. They can be pre-lit.

The act of stringing Christmas lights around a tree is usually the most time-consuming and frustrating part of decorating the tree. However, the majority of artificial trees come already lit, so you don’t have to worry about stringing Christmas lights around them. Some models even have remote controls, allowing you to switch between classic white to traditional colors with the touch of a button.

4. They’re safer for your ornaments.

Broken ornaments have come to be an expected part of Christmas in many households, as a handful tend to fall off the tree each year. “The branches on live trees tend to droop as the tree dries out and the ornaments can fall off,” says Melissa Eror, an interior designer at Modern Display who specializes in Christmas décor. “An artificial tree is going to hold its shape, so if you have great-grandma’s ornaments, you can feel secure putting it on the tree.”

christmas tree ornaments5. They’re safer in general.

Christmas trees can pose a fire hazard because they tend to be so dry, and are paired with lights that produce heat. Artificial trees don’t have this issue and are safer for your house. 

6. There is no mess.

One of the biggest hassles with a live tree is the cleanup afterward. In addition to cleaning up the tiny needles scattered around the floor, disposing of the tree is also a huge task. Artificial trees don’t shed needles and they’re easy to store.