Smooth Pink LED C9 Bulb

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C9 smooth, opaque bulbs
come with 5 LED diodes for brighter light and are constructed with durable
acrylic plastic. These LED bulbs save energy and last longer than traditional
incandescent bulbs, but their smooth, opaque finish gives them a traditional,
incandescent look. The nickel bulb base prevents corrosion. These bulbs come
loose, ready to be easily paired with any of our wiring options to create
unique color patterns that help you express the holiday spirit. 
Details: Bulb
Size: C9, Bulb Type: LED, LED Light Color: Pink, Bulb Finish:
Smooth Opaque, Base Size: E17 – Intermediate, Diodes: 5, Watts
Per Bulb: 0.96, LED Technology: Dimmable, Use: Indoor/Outdoor

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Smooth Pink LED C9 Bulb, Single Bulb, 15-048

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