Green Blinking C9 Bulb

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blinking Christmas light bulbs are the perfect combination of tradition and
flair. These loose bulbs are sold individually, allowing you to create your own
patterns and color schemes. These twinkling bulbs are made with painted glass
in a teardrop shape in order to create a traditional appearance. C9 bulb are
the perfect size for any roof or outdoor decoration. With these bulbs and our
many customizable wiring options, you can create the perfect lighting solution
for any space this holiday season. Details: Bulb Size: C9, Bulb Type: Incandescent,
 Bulb Color: Green, Bulb Finish:
Transparent Blinking, Watts: 7, Base Size: E17 –
Intermediate, Connect up to 110 bulbs.

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Green Blinking C9 Bulb, Incandescent, Single Bulb, 14-303

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