Clear Incandescent Mini Lights (50 Bulbs/6″ Spacing/White Cord)


In all likelihood, when
you think “Christmas lights”, you’re thinking of incandescent string lights.
With a warm, traditional look and pre-strung, Modern Display’s 50 bulb
incandescent light sets are perfect for lighting any Christmas tree, whether it
be outdoor, indoor, real, or artificial. They’re also great for other
occasions, like birthday parties or just adding a touch of light to your home
décor. These incandescent Christmas lights come set in a variety of colors and
patterns, from the traditional red and green to patriotic red, white, and blue.
Best of all, they’re affordable & easy to use! 
This light set includes 50 incandescent, chartreuse bulbs
that are spaced 6” apart on a white cord. The 25’ long set is rated at 20.4
watts. In most cases, 8-10 sets can be connected safely.

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50 Clear Lights with 6″ Spacing on a White Cord

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